A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

Developing a leadership mindset

Monday, October 29, 2018

By Ricky Nowak, CEO, Ricky Nowak & Associates

We know that the quality of leadership along with the decisions you make, can determine the success of your team or organisation – for better or for worse.  But have you given much thought to your leadership mindset and how it can affect your organisation?

What is a leadership mindset?

As you know, your mindset is your mental attitude which in turn determines your overall behaviour.  There are two kinds of mindsets – one which prevents growth while the other allows you and your organisation to succeed and prosper.  But which one are you?

Leaders with a fixed mindset:

  • tend to avoid challenges or opportunities that require innovative thinking and behaviour;
  • are more concerned with how they come across in the eyes of others than making mistakes;
  • feel threatened by the more successful colleagues or counterparts therefore often lack the ability to make final decisions out of fear.

If this sounds like you, then chances are you are inhibiting yourself and your success in some way, as well as limiting the progress and the achievements of others. Unintentional maybe, but the consequences can result in lost revenue, staff attrition and loss of morale.  Attaining less than your full potential is one of the greatest inhibitors of business growth and expansion.

Sadly, too often leaders stop learning and focus on working in the business rather than on growing the business resulting in a growth mindset that shuts down.  They stop wanting to learn how to become better leaders and perhaps feel they don’t want to be distracted by contrarian feedback. 

This is known as having a fixed mindset – one that can break the link in any business.

How to recognise a fixed mindset leadership style

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and then observe how people connect with you. Clearly the real truth about your effectiveness as a leader is about the results you get.

You should consider if you:

  1. really do have the ability to inspire others or whether people just do what you ask at a basic level and you find yourself following them up?
  2. have the ability to take ownership of your position without any apology and are ready to take the lead when difficulties arise?
  3. are afraid of being judged and constantly evaluated on your actions;
  4. have a leader’s mindset or just a mindset about leading that is based on past experiences, influences and behaviours.

How to recognise a growth mindset leadership style?

You likely have a growth mindset if you:

  • tend to love a challenge;
  • are willing to make mistakes in order to learn and grow and are not too fussed about mistakes as long as they can be addressed quickly;
  • enjoy learning from the successes of others and are stimulated by new perspectives and ideas;
  • excel in displaying and sharing the skills of others and collaborating with others to get even better results?

If this sounds like you then you have the ability to advance and achieve great victories.  Those under you will find you motivational and can learn a lot from the way in which you run your business or team. They are more likely to model this behaviour and mindset when they go up through the ranks. The added bonus about having a growth mindset is that it can often lead to being insatiably curious about things now and in the future.

If you’ve identified as having a growth mindset, give yourself a pat on the back.  If not, as they say ‘do the work’.

About our Guest Blogger

Ricky is a professional Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, and Executive Coach with over 30 years’ experience in executive and business training and development within Australasia. She has been successful in creating sustainable change and increased productivity for clients in diverse industries ranging from Engineering, Construction, Legal, Finance, Agribusiness, Urban Design, Technology, NFP, Government, Project Management, Mining, Medical and Mental Health, Transport and Logistics. Her unique style of presentation delivery and coaching has helped her diverse clients achieve outstanding commercial and professional results for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

She has trained, spoken or facilitated work over 3000 presentations to companies and individuals globally. She is a certified speaking professional, certified human resource professional, author of four business books, preferred Executive Coach for the Australian Institute of Company Directors and regular commentator on national radio and blogger for Australian Human Resource Institute.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickynowak/     Web: www.rickynowak.com

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