A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

Why is a Legal Practice App Essential for your law firm

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

By Garth Brown, Brown and Brown Conveyancers

How to embrace change, stay relevant and satisfy client needs is a challenge facing today’s law firms, and will only keep evolving as time moves forward.

Business is now transacted on the move, meetings are held online, and the virtual environment is rapidly expanding thanks to mobile technologies. This means an effective mobile strategy to represent your firm involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.

Leveraging technology to increase productivity, profits and optimise organisational and individual performance is redefining how law firms deliver services to existing and future clients and traditional marketing/advertising methods are rapidly changing.

I started my Conveyancing firm nearly 20 years ago and was an early adopter of leveraging technologies moving very quickly to remote servers and establishing a virtual office for my practice. Having a well branded website was critical to how

I communicated. I then progressed to video content, social media and self-publishing an eBook (available to ALPMA members at a discount*).

The next logical step was an App and I developed my first “Ask Conveyancer” App for consumers and then released a Pro version with significant enhancements.

So, who is my market and how is the App a lead generation tool?

Millennials are a big market. That’s those born between 1980 and 2000 with an average age in Australia of 37.3 years according to the ABS.

This type of consumer is very tech savvy and will look to a firm who employs technology as a leader in their field of expertise and discipline.

The App also reduces the amount of emails and telephone calls between the client and lawyer by supplying critical information in a timely manner.

I have personally found journalists and leading industry providers will contact me for opinions and advice because of my App that is designed to reduce “client pain points”.

A law firm without its own Legal Practice App could be missing the immense potential an App can deliver - don't let your law firm fall behind!

It’s a big opportunity to enhance your clients’ experience.

The process for developing an App for your law firm

Working with the right designer/developer is easier than you think.

They will provide you with an App strategy/brief, assist you to work out the content and add niche features that apply to your specific practice, making your App unique to you. During the process there are beta versions to test before publishing so you don’t go live without full testing.

I have worked with the same agency for many years and highly recommend them Please feel free to contact me for if you’d like to be connected with them.

Once you go ahead with your Law Firm App, you will not regret your decision.

About our Guest Blogger

Garth Brown
Garth Brown is a Degree Qualified Accountant and Certified Conveyancing premium property specialist offering; highest property law, quality solutions, trust and service.
Brown and Brown Conveyancing have over 16 years experience in Conveyancing and Real Estate matters we are well placed to handle the conveyance for either Vendor or Buyer. 

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