Leadership Derailers

Leadership Derailers

Twelve ways to derail your leadership fast!

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Recording Date: 20-Nov-2018

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Belinda Cohen, Performance Consultant & Coach | Inspired Reality

A recovering lawyer, accidental author, speaker, consultant and master coach, Belinda Cohen is fascinated by the unconscious drivers of human behaviour in the workplace. She applies her specialist expertise in decoding language and behaviour patterns, to improve individual and team performance in organisations, and to drive cultural change.  

Known for her provocative yet compassionate approach, Belinda tells it like it is to empower leaders and teams to face reality and act with clarity, courage and purpose.   Belinda is co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the Guesswork Out of Leading Leaders’ which has been featured on Sky News Business on Foxtel, Talking Business with Alan Kohler on Qantas inflight radio, the Sydney Morning Herald and 3AW.  She has also co-authored two specialist texts in human behaviour used by coaches and consultants worldwide.


As leaders, we all act with the best intentions. But what happens when our inside intentions are not reflected by our external behaviour? It’s harder to influence upwards, our teams don’t respond well and our results can stall… 

Consider the leader whose intention is to support their team and maintain a high standard, and yet is seen by their manager and their team as a micromanager. Performance suffers. Derailed! 

Belinda gives the audience speed overviews of the 12 leadership derailers, drawing laughter and insight as people recognise themselves and others. This keynote draws on her book ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’, and will give you immediately actionable insights to improve your leadership performance.

CPD: 1 CPD Unit/ 1 NZ Hour Professional Skills

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