Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

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Recording Date: 17-Jul-2018

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Dr Christine Murphy, Consultant | Reposition

Dr Christine Murphy is an award-winning lecturer; currently lecturing in RMIT’s Graduate School of Business and Law and Swinburne University’s Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.  She lectures in corporate leadership, governance and design thinking for business. Chris is a former CEO in the Australian labour market and training sector and a seasoned company director.  Chris also works as a consultant, facilitator and speaker internationally with tier one and tier two organisations; including a recent trip to Harvard’s Kennedy School where she participated in an 8 day intensive program for those facilitating leadership practice. 

Chris holds an MBA and a DBA from RMIT University. Chris’ primary research interests are in leadership and boardroom behaviour, organisational governance and decision making. 


Much has been written and spoken about the benefits of being authentic.  Authenticity is not about ‘style’ or technical skill - it's about being the person who lives inside you; the genuine article, the real McCoy!

In this session, Dr Chris Murphy will talk about the real and measurable benefits of being ‘yourself’ and how to reap the benefits of higher productivity and better team outcomes with you being an authentic leader in your company, no matter what position you hold.  She will provide you with tools and techniques to help overcome barriers to change.

CPD: Earn 1 CPD Unit/1 NZ Hour, Professional Skills

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