Profit over Revenue

Profit over Revenue

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Recording Date: 17-Apr-2018

Recording Type: Live Streamed Event

Matt Schlyder, Director | FWO Chartered Accountants

Matt is the Founding Director of FWO Chartered Accountants and the creator of our Financially Well Organised philosophy. Specialising in working with professional service firm clients, including legal firms for over 25 years, Matt has a unique understanding of the needs of professionals and the fact that they are time poor. This has lead Matt to develop an approach that is personal, targeted towards achieving outcomes, and contextual in terms of your Financially Well Organised strategy.


All too often, legal firms put their energy and focus into finding new revenue, and miss out on the biggest opportunity for improving profitability and cash flow on the work they are already doing.  There is usually a minimum of 15% revenue uplift that can be achieved just from the matters that the firm currently has.  Why?  Because discretion is the killer to predictability.  Lawyers are good at the law, they should not be responsible for billing.

We’ll look at the key activities you need to implement in you firm to produce more revenue from the matters you are already doing, which will result in improved profitability and cash flow.

CPD: Earn 1 CPD Unit/1 NZ Hour, Practice Management and Business Skills

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