Summit 2017: Data Security in the Legal Industry

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Summit 2017: Data Security in the Legal Industry

ALPMA 2017 Summit presented by Ray Zwiefelhofer | Worldox

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Recording Date: 15-Sep-2017

Recording Type: Live Streamed Event

Ray Zwiefelhofer | President | Worldox (USA)

Mr. Zwiefelhofer has over twenty five years’ product solution experience within the legal technology market with expertise in AMLAW 250 and Fortune 500. He was a President, CEO and CIO at several software solutions startups and the CTO at a Fortune 500 company. Those companies include Bowne, Imagineer, Equitrac and Diebold. Prior to joining World Software, Ray was the Founder and CEO for nQueue, a global cost recovery company.”


Sharing documents is fundamental to how law  firms work. But how con dent are you that your law rm is sharing documents securely - both in and out of the office.

International document management expert, Ray Zwiefelhofer explains law firm best practices for document management that you can adopt at your firm and helps you understand new tools to better manage and protect your content.

Ray shows you how technologies such as encryption at rest, advanced secure sharing and collaboration tools can bring your content security to the next level.

CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills = 1 / NZ 1 hour

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