Summit 2017: Don't Automate - Obliterate!

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Summit 2017: Don't Automate - Obliterate!

ALPMA 2017 Summit presented by Gene Turner | LawHawk Limited

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Recording Date: 15-Sep-2017

Recording Type: Live Streamed Event

Gene Turner | Managing Director | LawHawk Limited

Gene was a corporate & finance partner of Buddle Findlay from 2009 until retiring from partnership in 2014. In 2011 to 2013 he was ranked as a leading lawyer in both M&A and banking as a result of leading a number of substantial transactions such as the very successful $700m acquisition by Infratil and the NZ Super Fund of Shell’s New Zealand business.

Gene was Buddle Findlay’s Wellington Business Services Team Leader. He was also responsible for many of Buddle Findlay’s knowledge management initiatives, particularly precedents, automation and an opinions database.

In addition to a Bcom/LLB (Hons), Gene has an MBA (Distinction) from Victoria University, graduating in 2009 at the top of his class.

Gene is now managing director of LawHawk – a ‘new law’ venture providing advanced automated legal documents via the HotDocs cloud and helping lawyers provide better quality services to their clients, faster, at lower prices that are more profitable. In March 2017, LawHawk and Wellington law firm Succeed Legal released a free online will that anyone in New Zealand can use.

Gene is on the advisory board of The College of Law Centre of Legal Innovation.

Overview: Automation means that traditional legal work can be done much faster and better.

But “legal” documents are only a small part of the real job to be done in re-engineering law rms.
The rms who help re-design their systems based on customer insight and to align with their customers’ objectives will become integral and seamless, and hard to displace.

In this compelling session, Gene explains automation trends for law firm business processes, the need to look at everything you do with fresh eyes and how to plan your role in the new way of working.

CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills = 1 / NZ 1 hour

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