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Technical Support

Building a strong relationship with your technical providers

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Recording Date: 15-Nov-2017

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Robyna May, Practice Manager, Estate First Lawyers

Robyna has always been fascinated by the intersection between law and IT, with degrees in both. She has worked as a software developer, a project manager, an IT manager, a Knowledge director, a social media manager, a consultant and is presently Practice Manager at Estate First Lawyers. Throughout her career she has used technology and solid project management skills to solve complex legal problems. Her motto is “the answer is yes” and her coding experience has allowed her to develop solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Over her seventeen years in the industry she has seen the role of the in-house technology team change drastically. Whereas once the IT team was doing a good job if no-one spoke ill about them, now they need to be at the forefront of a firms’ innovation strategy. Technology moved from a back-office cost through to an opportunity for differentiation. Now it lies the foundation for the creation of diverse income streams and closer relationships with clients and business partners. As an early adopter of social media and the editor of a successful parenting blog, she has coached lawyers in their social media branding and how to leverage social media for closer relationships with clients.


Robyna May, (Practice Manager and former consultant) and Steve Tyndall (Managing Director of Next Legal) will discuss how to build and maintain great relationships with your technical providers.

Firms are increasingly outsourcing their IT and the relationships between providers and firms are more important than ever.  This session will discuss the potential pitfalls, strategies, project management approaches and ways to build strong, robust relationships when engaging external consultants.  


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