ALPMA & CLI partner on Survey for the Emerging Legal Professions

ALPMA and CLI (Centre for Legal Innovation at The College of Law) have joined together to undertake what we believe will be one of the most comprehensive surveys of the emerging professions in legal practice in Australasia.

Our objective in working together on this project is to gather empirical data to identify those areas in legal practice that have changed the most, understand who does what, and identify how these professionals should (or should not) be regulated. Our focus is therefore not as much on the work undertaken by lawyers (lawyer work) but rather all of the other work (legal work) which may once have been done by lawyers, is integral to lawyers being able to do their work, but may now have evolved into other legal specialisms in their own right.

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Survey closes 12 February 2018.

For more information, contact Fiona Croswell at 

T: 07 5590 7090    M: 0425 277 883


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