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Digitisation of the Property Transaction Ecosystem

Benjamin Balk, Amanda Baker, Gina Assimakis & Ann Wooten - SAI Global

In 2008 the government launched their National Seamless Economy initiative which aimed to improve production and efficiencies to achieve a strong, consistent approach in business - including for the property market. Digitisation was a key tool employed to achieve this.

Since then we’ve seen a decided shift in the way property is transacted as the industry joins the growing global movement towards digitisation.

Risk Culture and the Great Legal Services Provider

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Does your legal practice have a vision of being a great professional services provider?

Of course the answer is yes! Whether this is your new year’s resolution or a decision you have made when you last pause and take stock, you need a plan to build on all the great things you have already achieved, as well as set you up for the many challenges ahead.

Culture, or simply “the way we do things around here”, is an important ingredient in a legal practice’s success as a great professional services provider. With this in mind, clearly we need to make sure we have the right culture in place as part of our grand plan.

Limit your Annual Leave Liability

- Corporate Traveller

Outstanding annual leave balances are a significant financial liability to any balance sheet. The longer employees go without taking holidays, the greater the risk to a company’s cash flow in the long term. Implementing strategies to regularly reduce annual leave balances can be difficult for SMEs that operate with a lean corporate structure and have limited internal resources.

Whether your business is at risk of having to pay out excessive balances, or requires leave incentives for staff, acquiring professional travel management is one way of gaining the resources, products and strategies to counteract annual leave hoarding.

The rise and rise of electronic discovery and review

Martin Flavell - Law In Order

The acceleration of technology and explosion of data has rewritten the rules for traditional discovery. eDiscovery (electronic discovery) is increasingly recognised as an important aspect of the litigation process, by the justice system as well as prosecution and defence, but its complexity brings with it many challenges across resources, time and accuracy.

Sifting through huge volumes of data to locate the relevant documents or records is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. Mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones have also disrupted the eDiscov- ery industry by creating multiple touchpoints through which information is accessed, collected and stored.

When it comes to litigation and disputes, urgency is paramount. As deadlines tighten and data proliferates, this will only get worse.

So what can you and your internal and external clients do to get on top of eDiscovery and deliver better outcomes, faster and with less resources?

Rising Waters

Helen Tung - Founder of Tung Legal Consultancy & ALPMA member

Rising Waters

This article presents a discussion of the future of lawyers in a digital, divergent and differentiated legal environment that took place at the Australasian Legal Practice Managers Association (‘ALPMA’) Summit 2015 (‘the Summit’). Drawing upon the three themes of what is ‘digital’, ‘divergent’ and ‘differentiated’, the author explores the potential challenges faced by firms and future lawyers.

Read more here: Rising waters

Be a Great Risk Manager

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Be a great risk manager (as well as a great legal practice manager) 

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, legal practice managers need to contribute to risk management in an ever-increasing capacity. We are already in possession of the skills needed to make a valuable contribution – we are already familiar with legislation and regulation that can affect our firm or organisation, and we are also already familiar with the inner workings of our legal practice and its desired objectives and outcomes – so why not choose one of the items on this list or find something else to focus on and make improvements in the new year, and kick start the year with excellence in risk management?

Read more of this article here:  Be a great Risk Manager

Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers 

Did you say “thought leader”? Isn’t that just another buzzword?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “thought leader”? Some may think a thought leader is someone who comes up with new things and runs with them. Others may think a thought leader is someone who has radical ideas and those ideas have helped made them an authority in their field. One person I spoke with told me that a thought leader is someone who managed to hang on to some innovative concept and also managed to make a living out of it.
Regardless of whether you take an expansive view of what the term means, or you subscribe to a narrower definition of the expression, one thing is for sure – thought leaders are generally recognised experts in their profession, they are respected for their knowledge and experience, they are able to see something most people cannot see, and they are able to capitalise on what they do.

Change is Permanent - 3 top tips to manage this in the practice of Law

Karen Lee - SAI Global

“The legal landscape is changing”. We hear this comment all the time. We all know that this statement is true, but let me show you another way of looking at it. One of the most unique characteristics of the environment we currently operate in is the permanence of the change in our industry. There is longevity in this phenomenon we are experiencing. In other words, change is here to stay.

While some industry players view this as a crisis, law firms and legal practices of all kinds and all sizes are actually presented with the opportunity to take a long, hard look at who we are, what we do, and how we do what we do. The use of legal technology should not escape a legal practice manager’s eagle eye when conducting this exercise.

In this thought provoking article from SAI Global, Karen Lee offers her top three tips to manage change at law firms.

ONLY THE FIT WILL SURVIVE: Adapting Your Firm to the ‘New Normal”

Andrew Chen, Partner - Crowe Horwath

Andrew Chen is a Principal at Crowe Horwath and heads the legal sector team focusing on improving financial and business outcomes for legal professionals and firms. In this article, he discusses the importance of using comparative intelligence to drive change within a law firm and ensure future success.

ONLY THE FIT WILL SURVIVE: Adapting Your Firm to the ‘New Normal”

Bounce Back - The Resilient Firm!

Stuart Taylor - The Resilience Institute

2012 FEB - Bounce Back in 2012 - The Resilient Firm! 2012 FEB - Bounce Back in 2012 - The Resilient Firm! (4977 KB)
Presented by Stuart Taylor, The Resilience Institute. Click here to view the Seminar on Demand.

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