Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers

Karen Lee - SAI Global

´┐╝Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers 

Did you say “thought leader”? Isn’t that just another buzzword?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “thought leader”? Some may think a thought leader is someone who comes up with new things and runs with them. Others may think a thought leader is someone who has radical ideas and those ideas have helped made them an authority in their field. One person I spoke with told me that a thought leader is someone who managed to hang on to some innovative concept and also managed to make a living out of it.
Regardless of whether you take an expansive view of what the term means, or you subscribe to a narrower definition of the expression, one thing is for sure – thought leaders are generally recognised experts in their profession, they are respected for their knowledge and experience, they are able to see something most people cannot see, and they are able to capitalise on what they do.

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