2018 ALPMA Australian Legal Industry Salary & HR Issues Survey

Thanks to over 288 firms across Australia for participating in the 2018 Survey!

Participants of the survey have been sent the ALPMA Australian Legal Industry Salary & HR Issues Survey Report free of charge. Firms that didn't participate can purchase the report for $550 (ALPMA members) or $2,200 (non-members).

This year, 288 law firms from across the nation, employing 10,466 people participated in the survey, making it the most comprehensive, independent study of salaries paid at law firms in Australia.

The comprehensive survey report covers:
• Salaries paid for 70+ legal, managerial and administrative positions at law firms across Australia - broken down by state and size of firm
• Salary data for fee earners by area of practice and firm size/location
• Information on employment benefits and bonuses, including bonus types and bonuses paid
• The staffing mix of part-time, contract, casual and full-time workers employed at law firms
• Key staffing ratios to measure firm productivity and performance
• Anticipated salary increases and law firm recruitment intentions for the next 12 months
• The key HR issues and challenges facing law firms in 2018
• Diversity and inclusion programs, information on parental leave, plus more.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact us.

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2018 Australian State Research Partners

Thanks to our research partners for supporting this valuable legal industry survey.



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