The Emerging Legal Professions Survey 2018

ALPMA and The Centre for Legal Innovation at The College of Law (CLI) have joined together to undertake one of the most comprehensive surveys of the emerging professions in legal practice in Australasia.

Our objective in working together is to gather empirical data to identify those areas in legal practice that have changed the most, understand who does what, and identify how these non-lawyer professionals should (or should not) be regulated.

Our focus is not as much on the work undertaken by lawyers (lawyer work) but rather all of the other work (legal work) which may once have been done by lawyers but is no longer necessarily the case.

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*NZ members and law firms: Please note, ALPMA plans to extend this research to New Zealand in 2015. Stay tuned for more details.

Why participate?

  • Benchmark your firm against the key indicators of financial performance, including profitability, work in progress days, debtor’s days, interest expense, labour cost, rent, and working capital. 

  • Interactively compare your firm's performance against the results from similar firms using a number of filters including state, practice type and size of firm.  This gives you a relevant and meaningful benchmark to work from - and realistic goals to aim for.

  • See how your firm's performance is tracking over time, whether you have realised your full potential this year and understand the gaps that need to be addressed to achieve peak performance.

  • Gain insight into how the NZ legal industry expects to perform in the next financial year

  • Use this knowledge to anticipate your firm's financial future.

How to Participate

1. Read the Quick Reference Guide which outlines the material you need to collate in order to complete the on-line survey. You can also download a full copy of the questions to help with preparation.

2. To complete the survey, your firm simply has to nominate one person to provide information from your firm's 2014/15 financial year results, entering your data directly into our on-line survey by 7 August, 2015. Click on the button below to access the survey.  
Data must be entered by Tuesday 15 December, 2015.
Data must be entered by Tuesday 15 December, 2015.


Strictly Confidential Data

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