Legal Industry Client Experience Benchmark Research

ALPMA is proud to partner with CXINLAW for its 2018 Client Experience Benchmark Research assessing the client experience priorities that result in an inspired service culture, outstanding client loyalty and profitable growth.

The results of the research ‘First Impressions Convert: Increasing Law Firm Profitability From the First Touch-point’ has revealed some significant and very expensive service failings amongst Australian law firms.

88% of initial enquiry contact with law firms did not deliver a very positive result for prospective clients or the legal providers involved. 58% of firms left shoppers likely to call competitors and a third of all calls were so poor that an instruction would definitely not take place.

CXINLAW used Mystery Shopping techniques commonly found in the retail industry to establish the quality and impact of prospective client interactions with legal staff. The research sampled a range of 50 small to midsize firms across a range of law practice areas – from family, wills and estates to business and commercial law matters.

CXINLAW is the legal sector specialist in developing Client Experience Excellence. The company developed the first UK report on Client Experience in Law in 2012 and has been at the leading edge of developments in the field. CXINLAW opened its Australian office in 2015 headed by Director, Carl White, who is one of the co-authors of the report. 

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2018 Report. Firms can measure their own performance against the report benchmarks by contacting Carl White on 0423 254 484.

*NZ members and law firms: Please note, ALPMA plans to extend this research to New Zealand in 2015. Stay tuned for more details.

Why participate?

  • Benchmark your firm against the key indicators of financial performance, including profitability, work in progress days, debtor’s days, interest expense, labour cost, rent, and working capital. 

  • Interactively compare your firm's performance against the results from similar firms using a number of filters including state, practice type and size of firm.  This gives you a relevant and meaningful benchmark to work from - and realistic goals to aim for.

  • See how your firm's performance is tracking over time, whether you have realised your full potential this year and understand the gaps that need to be addressed to achieve peak performance.

  • Gain insight into how the NZ legal industry expects to perform in the next financial year

  • Use this knowledge to anticipate your firm's financial future.

How to Participate

1. Read the Quick Reference Guide which outlines the material you need to collate in order to complete the on-line survey. You can also download a full copy of the questions to help with preparation.

2. To complete the survey, your firm simply has to nominate one person to provide information from your firm's 2014/15 financial year results, entering your data directly into our on-line survey by 7 August, 2015. Click on the button below to access the survey.  
Data must be entered by Tuesday 15 December, 2015.
Data must be entered by Tuesday 15 December, 2015.


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