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Unsafe email links can cost you and your clients. Protect yourself with CloudShield: 25% off setup costs for new ALPMA customers

It can be difficult to avoid unsafe email links. There’s no easy way to know for sure where a link might lead you – and hackers and spammers have plenty of tricks to lead you to viruses and scams. 

That puts you and your clients at real risk of data compromise and theft or having your systems brought to a screeching halt. That means losses of time, productivity, reputation and money.

CommArc’s CloudShield is your best protection. It automatically checks every link in your emails and stops you from reaching unsafe websites. It also stops viruses and spam before they ever reach your network.

It’s like you’ve got your own personal bodyguard checking the coast is clear for you when you’re strolling. Or you’re VIP area at a club and you’ve got a doorperson keeping out the riff-raff. So basically, you’ll be like Kanye.

Now’s a great time to take it up with our ALPMA-only discount

As a welcome to new ALPMA customers we’re offering 25% off the standard CloudShield set-up costs. After that, it’s only $2.75 per user per month.

We already provide CloudShield to more than 20 New Zealand law firms, so you can be confident that it will meet your needs.

Emails scanned in secure NZ-based servers before they reach you

Your emails are scanned by our New Zealand-based servers. If they’re okay, they’re forwarded through to your email server. If they contain viruses or spam, they’re stopped. (That’s the doorperson bit.)

Ongoing protection against unsafe links

Websites can change at any time. A link that was virus-free when you first received an email may no longer be when you click it later.

CloudShield solves this. Any time you click a link in an email, CloudShield scans it to make sure it’s okay. If the page is fine, you’re sent on. If the page is unsafe, you’re stopped. (That’s the bodyguard bit.)

Get your CloudShield protection today

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