Professional services firms are always looking to improve their billable hours, staff retention and service offerings - especially as they expand. It can be daunting to know which path to take next, given the perceived complexity of suitable technology options.

Imagine only having ONE key expert to consult for ALL your needs - without dealing with a layered web of different vendors in computers, software, internet, staff collaboration, cyber security, risk management, company telephone systems and video-conferencing. Someone who stitches all the moving parts together and ensure it just “works” the way you want it to, all the time.

OBT was established in 1999 with a belief that technology is designed to make business easier. The best way to achieve that was to eliminate the noise of IT so business people can focus on business, not technology. That’s why from the very beginning, OBT has provided private cloud hosting services to professional organisations with 20-200 staff, and remains at the forefront of the legal industry technology sector in terms of experience and achievements today.

To find out how we can improve your efficiency and increase productivity talk to one of our Solutions Consultants today.

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