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Rising Waters

Helen Tung - Founder of Tung Legal Consultancy & ALPMA member

Rising Waters

This article presents a discussion of the future of lawyers in a digital, divergent and differentiated legal environment that took place at the Australasian Legal Practice Managers Association (‘ALPMA’) Summit 2015 (‘the Summit’). Drawing upon the three themes of what is ‘digital’, ‘divergent’ and ‘differentiated’, the author explores the potential challenges faced by firms and future lawyers.

Read more here: Rising waters

How's your EQ?

Karen Lee - SAI Global

How's your EQ?

Legal practice managers also need to assess firm or organisational culture and do away with anything that contributes to the overall workplace issues that adversely affect performance and wellbeing. This includes unrealistic billing targets, inflexibility in scheduling and work arrangements, and inadequate supervision and management.
Let us make a difference this year by focusing more on EQ and reap the rewards.

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Be a Great Risk Manager

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Be a great risk manager (as well as a great legal practice manager) 

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, legal practice managers need to contribute to risk management in an ever-increasing capacity. We are already in possession of the skills needed to make a valuable contribution – we are already familiar with legislation and regulation that can affect our firm or organisation, and we are also already familiar with the inner workings of our legal practice and its desired objectives and outcomes – so why not choose one of the items on this list or find something else to focus on and make improvements in the new year, and kick start the year with excellence in risk management?

Read more of this article here:  Be a great Risk Manager

Macquarie’s 2015 Legal Benchmarking Results

- Macquarie Bank

Macquarie’s 2015 Legal Benchmarking Results are now live!

See what high performing law firms are doing to stay ahead of their competitors.

legal super Annual Report 2014/15


legalsuper, the industry super fund for the national legal community, has just released its 2014/15 Annual Report.

Key achievements noted include:
  • Total funds under management increased 15% to over $2.6 billion
  • Total contributions received of $291 million were the highest recorded since legalsuper’s inception in 1989
  • The MySuper balanced investment option, where most members are invested, returned 10.0%
  • Membership grew by 3%, which was 4.7% higher than the SuperRatings’ industry median % growth in membership
  • legalsuper won the SelectingSuper award for Personal Super Product of the Year (Deluxe choice)

To see the full report click here. 

Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Thought Leadership for Legal Practice Managers 

Did you say “thought leader”? Isn’t that just another buzzword?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “thought leader”? Some may think a thought leader is someone who comes up with new things and runs with them. Others may think a thought leader is someone who has radical ideas and those ideas have helped made them an authority in their field. One person I spoke with told me that a thought leader is someone who managed to hang on to some innovative concept and also managed to make a living out of it.
Regardless of whether you take an expansive view of what the term means, or you subscribe to a narrower definition of the expression, one thing is for sure – thought leaders are generally recognised experts in their profession, they are respected for their knowledge and experience, they are able to see something most people cannot see, and they are able to capitalise on what they do.

Legal Know How

Karen Lee - SAI Global

Law firms face technological minefield to preserve legal professional privilege  - true or false?

True. But not entirely, as legal practice managers can turn the answer around. This Thought Leadership article from Karen Lee at SAI Global will explain, and you can make up your own mind.

Electronic communications could pose a risk – true

Lawyers and their clients communicate frequently. In this world of advanced technology, these communications no longer take place just through good old letters or via a simple phone call. They now take place largely through emails and sometimes even via text messages or other messaging services such as Skype. Personally, I had the experience of one client asking me a legal question over a group WhatsApp channel. I had to (gently!) educate this client on a number of things… I will come back to education shortly. The point I want to make here is this – electronic communications are thought by many to put at risk the confidentiality of legal communications between a lawyer and a client. Modern communications technologies have made what once would have been limited disclosure in a closed environment to now easily available to pretty much anyone who has an online presence....

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Visualisation - The next evolution in legal search

By Stephen Wood, CEO - InfoTrack

This whitepaper from InfoTrack CEO, Stephen Wood explains how visualisation is the next step in the evolution of search. 

Managing the incredible masses of commercial data is not only daunting, it is labour and time intensive, and visualisation takes a lot of the grief out of that process. It enables users of legal searching tools to analyse complex company and people structures quickly and efficiently. In turn, they can present results and findings to clients in a far more comprehensive manner while at the same time meeting risk and compliance obligations.

Read the whitepaper "Visualisation - The Next Evolution of Search"

Small Firm,Medium Firm,Large Firm

Cloud Computing Explained for the Non-Technical

- CommArc

Small Firm,Medium Firm

5 Phase Process To Help Lawyers Leverage LinkedIn

Kirsten Hodgson - Kaleidoscope Marketing

5 Phase Process to Help Lawyers Leverage LinkedIn 5 Phase Process to Help Lawyers Leverage LinkedIn (656 KB)
Kirsten Hodgson, director of Kaleidoscope Marketing and author of "The Essential Guide to LinkedIn for Lawyers, provides a detailed guide on how your firm can leverage LinkedIn.

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