Pricing Masterclass (Christchurch)

Pricing Masterclass (Christchurch)


Pricing Masterclass (Christchurch)

Date: 23-Mar-2018

Transforming your firms pricing model to meet the challenges of a changing world


Pricing Masterclass


Friday, 23 March 2018

Start Time

9:00am NZDT

End Time

4:30pm NZDT

Event Location


Host Venue Details

Rydges Latimer Christchurch | 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch

Event Overview

This full day Pricing Masterclass workshop has been designed specifically for those who are genuinely looking for a replacement for time based billing and have considered value-based pricing but have been unsure where to start.

This workshop will help those who wish to gain an understanding of different pricing models available that better reflect the value practitioners provide to their clients and the practical implications and results of making a transition to a timeless pricing model. 
Presented by Australia’s leading expert on pricing transformation in the legal profession, John Chisholm, and David Wells, Managing Principal at Moores. Participants will gain valuable insight from David’s practical experience of implementing Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP).

Topics covered include:
  • How is the Timeless Law firm different to the Law Firm of Yesterday?
  • What are the benefits of moving to a value pricing business and pricing model
  • The value discussion-understanding the clients’ perception of value
  • The value proposition – moving from inputs to outcomes
  • A better practice model – from cost plus pricing to pricing on purpose
  • The pros & cons in moving away from time based billing to value based pricing
  • A case study – How one firm transformed to a timeless legal practice
  • How you can make the transition to timeless pricing
Special Offer

Gain valuable insight for not only yourself but also your Firm leader. Implementing change is more successful if the Practice Manager and the Firm leader have the same understanding and knowledge of different pricing models and the benefits to the firm. If you are a Member of ALPMA and wish to register a colleague you will receive the member price for both registrations.

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Presented By

John Chisholm | John Chisholm Consulting
As a practising lawyer, managing partner and chief executive John was well placed to experience first hand both the benefits but also the drawbacks of the legal profession pricing their services solely by reference to time. 
For several years he has been urging the legal profession in Australia to not only stop billing their services by time but also to burn their timesheets. He works with law firms (and their clients) assisting them with both a mindset change, and the practical implementation of moving towards value based pricing to become Firms of the Future instead of firms of the past.
A prolific blogger, writer and presenter on pricing in law firms both in Australia and overseas John is longtime member of the Law Council of Australia, ALPMA, and lecturer at Leo Cussen Centre For Law.
David Wells | Managing Principal | Moores
After joining the Moores team in July 1997, David practised in dispute resolution for 10 years, becoming a partner in 1999 and an accredited mediator in 2000.
Moores has been an incorporated legal practice since July 2006. A review of the practice leadership structure in 2006 culminated in a resolution to replace the existing Management Executive with a Managing Principal. David commenced as Managing Principal of Moores in March 2007. 
In David’s view, the most important decision made by Moores occurred in August 2011 when the Principals resolved to transform the practice from operating under a time based model to a value based model. That has involved renewing or replacing several key systems including knowledge management, performance management, project management and business development as well as budgets and reports.
The vision for that initiative is to shape a legal practice which will create lifetime value for clients for whom Moores chooses to act and which will afford people on the Moores team an opportunity to undertake rewarding and stimulating work.
David’s mantra for Moores comes from a book by noted business thinker and strategist, Gary Hamel titled What Matters Now:
“Create a work environment that inspires exceptional contribution and that merits an outpouring of passion, imagination and initiative.”

Professional Development

Event Costs

ALPMA Members: $550 (plus GST)

ALPMA Associates:

Non Members*: $650 (plus GST) - *Non Members must be eligible to join ALPMA

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