Preparing for the loom of winter...with a 'meta' skill

Preparing for the loom of winter...with a 'meta' skill


Preparing for the loom of winter...with a 'meta' skill

Date: 10-Apr-2018

Understand why mindfulness is good for both your people and business bottom lines


Preparing for the loom of winter...with a 'meta' skill


Tuesday 10 April 2018

Start Time

12.30pm ACST

End Time

2.00pm ACST

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Kindly hosted by Finlaysons, 81 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Event Overview

This experiential session will showcase a positive, practical and achievable framework that helps the mind be happier, healthier and less distracted; regardless of what’s going on outside.

It’s a way to keep motivated, positive and balanced during the seasons, and the general ups and downs of corporate life.

Understand why mindfulness is good for both: Your people and Business bottom lines. And anything good for both, will spread like wildfire…it already is.

Event Sponsors

Presented By

Tomas Jajesnica, Chief Mediation Officer, Mr Meditate

Tomas Jajesnica is an expert in meditation, having spent over 10,000 hours in practice for his own personal development. Recognising the impact of being calm and focused amid the busyness and high pressures of corporate life, he started Mr Meditate to help deal with the mental health concerns the legal profession was, and still is, experiencing.

Since 2012, Tomas has taught 1,000+ corporate sessions to over 25,000 professionals. A passionate and pragmatic speaker, he brings practical solutions to help individuals, teams and organisations create optimum performance through the training of a ‘meta’ that improves all other skills.
His organisation Mr Meditate, has facilitated to dozens of law firms (including Piper Aldermann, Maddocks, Gadens, Hall & Wilcox, Lynch Meyer) and over 900 sessions at NAB alone. It teaches scientific and evidence-based methods for optimising individual and team performance.

Professional Development

Practice Management CPD 1 unit/NZ 1 hour

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Light lunch included

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