Australasian Legal Industry Research

ALPMA conducts a range of legal industry research, aligned with our practice management learning and development framework,  to help members benchmark their firm against others and understand current legal industry trends, issues, performance and best practice. 

Salary & HR Issues Survey

The ALPMA Legal Industry Salary & HR Issues Survey provides a comprehensive review of salaries paid across more than 65 positions at legal firms in Australia and New Zealand, and reveals the hottest HR issues and challenges for the legal profession.  Results are analysed by firm size and geographic location to enable members to benchmark their compensation strategy against similar firms.  The survey is undertaken each year in Australia and New Zealand in March, with results available in May.  

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Financial Performance Benchmarking Study

The ALPMA/Crowe Horwath Legal Industry Financial Performance Benchmarking Study enable Australian and New Zealand law firms to compare the financial health of their practices using Crowe Horwath’s proprietary benchmarking tool, Open Measures. The benchmarking tool highlights eight key financial indicators of practice health and results can be compared across a number of filters including fee revenue and work type. 

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The Impact of the Changing Legal Landscape on Australasian law firms

ALPMA conducts annual research to track the impact of the changing legal landscape on Australasian law firms and law firms' plans to address these challenges in conjunction with the Principal Summit partner. The research investigates the changes that are impacting Australasian legal firms today, how firms have responded to date, what firms plan to do to accommodate these changes and how prepared the legal industry is to survive and thrive in the "new normal". This research is conducted prior to the ALPMA Summit each year.

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Client Experience Benchmark Research 

ALPMA is proud to partner with CXINLAW for its 2018 Client Experience Benchmark Research and invites firms to participate in the research to take place in Spring 2017.  This research will assess the client experience priorities that result in an inspired service culture, outstanding client loyalty and profitable growth. Participating in the research involves: 

One complimentary Mystery Shopping enquiry contact with reception, assistants and lawyer to a practice area of your choice
A practical summary and debrief of the experience and likelihood of client engagement
CXINLAW’s use of the firm’s Mystery Shop data on a strictly anonymised basis in the report
Pre-release access to the benchmark report with competitor analysis for market advantage.

The CXINLAW Mystery Shopping program delivers objective insight into how your prospects feel about their first contact with your firm and identifies strengths and unnecessarily lost opportunities together with the new skills competencies and process improvements required by the firm to do better.   

The CXINLAW ALPMA-supported research in 2015 highlighted the importance of first impressions and the likelihood of client enquiries converting to profitable work for law firms.  It found that 78% of enquiries fail the first impression test and only one in five prospects would recommend firms to others.  Have law firms improved their client experience capabilities since then and is there a greater understanding of the need to offer care beyond legal advice to win and retain more quality new business with the right clients?

Find out more about participating in the 2018 research by contacting Carl White on 0423 254 484.

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Business development and Marketing at Australasian law firms

ALPMA and Julian Midwinter & Associates  collaborate on research investigating marketing and business development practice at Australasian law firms to help firms benchmark their efforts to similar firms and prioritise investment.  This research is conducted in September, following the ALPMA Summit. 

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Research Infographics

Check out ALPMA's legal industry research infographics.  These infographics provide a visual summary of the results from our research programs.

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